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May thousand

Valleys and hills

Mountain are arise

Front of you

And Sahara Desert heat will be

Burn the fame and power of you

But warriors are

Never defeatable

They fight

They win

Sword of strength

Can pierce any things

Failures are natural

Everyone can run

Run few miles

But few

Can only run a marathon

Sun is over you

It’s giving light and power

It may leave you

In the evening

But keep in heart

Mila Skyler

A daughter

An angel

Will shining upon

Your soul


Light you way

During the long stage

Of life and event

We say

You have find life easy

Most successful people

In the world

Choose to run a marathon

They always find

Life is less challenging

You’re our friend

You’re our brother

You’re our mentor

You’re a warrior

We all see

Running a marathon

Not is an event

It a way of life

You taught it for us


O.W.Palitha Ariyarathna
Copyright, O.W. Palitha Ariyarathna.2016/April 10th
All Rights Reserved By Author: 2016/April 10th

Poem dedicated to Ole J Brom and all other competitor who ever run in the Marathon des Sables 2016. Also this poem specially dictated to Mila Skyler, Elida, Ole brom Mother and his family members who are always support him in every things in his life….


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I was in a last breath

When you hold me

And looked at within crying face

And you’re screaming in pain

Don’t die, don’t leave me

This way

It’s a crack of pain

In my heart

I am dying

You hold me closer

You kiss me harder

Your tears

Drops Over my face

Make me warmth

And felt comport

In the same time

I felt your pain

Intense pain

Death likes natural friends

We all die today

One day or tomorrow

One might depart first

But I have heard

Some lovers

Die together

Such a beautiful

Love story

Rama and Sitha

May have jump out from a mountain

In their last chapter

And they travel

Thorough universe to another


Saliya leave his kingdom of throne

For marry and runaway

With Asokamala

May they die together?

In a last moment

But I don’t know

Even I am not Gamini

That search for Chithra

But I do remember

 Our story quit

The same

I searched

For you long time

And you wait

Until I meet you

Yasodara and princess Siddhartha

Attain Nibana in their

Last soul before achieve nirvana

Siddhartha as Buddha

Yasodara as Rahath Meheniya

Yasodara predicted her love story

With Siddhartha in different soul

Such a beautiful love story

I never forget

You and me yet

An Ordinary human

And no have such a power

If you do have mythical power

I know you will heal me

Love me

Care me

And not let die along the way

But I remember one thing


Buddha told once

Any couple who hold

Same discipline.
Same wisdom.
Same faith.
Same generosity

They will born

Together in many of their soul

As a couple

Until attain Nirvana

Nakula Matha Pitha was

Happy to hear Buddha Advice

For a couple who love to born

As a twin soul together

Until achieve Nirvana

I feel the same

Don’t cry

I will born again closer to you

I will recognised your soul

In my next existent

So give me last smile

To close my eyes happily

There is no snow today

I see murky vision

Thorough my eyes

May I am dying

No I got it

All the water in clouds

Has been dried

Likes a tear that

Brought to my face today

You have cried lot


Look at me smile at me

Smile through the pain

Is beautiful

I met you in this soul

From the first day

I recognize you

Your first smile was

The same

How beautiful

To meet you

I feel comport

Buddha was utmost right

Rama Sitha was right

Saliya Asoka Mala was right

Gamini and Chitra was right

They prove pure love

Can win any things

We can travel through universe


We can born together

And make a beautiful

Love story

Sudden thunder

Intense pain

Tears have dries

There is no snow

Time became an obstacle

My heart was frozen

Looked every where

I sought out you name

Mysteries have begun

I say did I have to die


Not tomorrow

In future

For finding you

At another

Phenomena of life

I remember still

Your smile

I will come

Again and again

Just for

Have you

In my life


O.W.Palitha Ariyarathna
Copyright, O.W. Palitha Ariyarathna.2016/March 27
All Rights Reserved By Author: 2016/March 27

Life is a circle that has many pains and endeavors. Its keep moving many different ways we couldn’t control it. Pains are painful but memories are beautiful. Dedicated this poem for my soul mate ‘na’ and who felt the same story along their way of life.


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Time of unseen

Stand today

In front of me

With his wired

Dark face

I was never thought

I will crossed

Such a pain of seen

How she walked away

I cried lot

I want to hold on to her

And never let her go



She wants to move away

For a unknown reason

I stood there and watch

How she walked away

I said to her

You will never forgotten

Whatever life brings

Wait and wait

And hope

You come back to me

And fight for me

And comport me

Love me

Heal me

Cuddle me

Care me

Kiss me

Hold me

As a

Thought of us

As a one soul

I am waiting

Forever in the place

Of where she leave me

And I remembered

She says

If you love me truly

Wait here

Part of me

Has been separate

In wired time


I wait and wait


My last breath

I am not moving

I am stand still

Life is not the same

Without you

Come to me

You’re all

I need


O.W.Palitha Ariyarathna
Copyright, O.W. Palitha Ariyarathna.2016/March 25
All Rights Reserved By Author: 2016/March 25


poem based on memories of life…

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Empire State Building Construction Worker (1930 or 1931). Even no have consider about  “health & safety” issues...

Even no have consider about “health & safety” issues. Empire State Building Construction Worker (1930 or 1931).


I see

Thousand men


Thousand women


Alone in path way of life

In a Economic cities


Has brought them

So far

To be a modern slave

With aim of salary agenda

Prosperous life

What they they have?

Away from families

Own Children

And beloved

The ancient say

Right when we born

There is angel for

Protect us

Believe has no harm

But my question is

Where those angels

Are they near or far?

Did they see?

Mans or women

 Cries, hurts, worries

In this super global cities

As a work slave


O.W.Palitha Ariyarathna
Copyright, O.W. Palitha Ariyarathna.2016/March 24
All Rights Reserved By Author: 2016/March 24


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You’re my every things


My happiness

My smile

My world

My life

I will spend my life

Forever with you

We are just our selves


With our own little way

Not need lot of things

To make us happy

But just being together

Loving each other

You’re my life

You’re my every things

I always love you

Happy valentine day!

O.W.Palitha Ariyarathna
Copyright, O.W. Palitha Ariyarathna.2016/feb 14
All Rights Reserved By Author: 2016/ feb 14

I am dedicating this poem to my twin soul ‘n’….

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I Will never Apart

When I first time saw you

I looked in to your eyes

Knowing that

You’re my eternal love

You smiled with me simply

And asked who you’re

I was silent

Likes a still water

And wait stand still

Near you

Because you’re my eternal love

I turned towards you

I am shocked to see you first time

I still remember how you looked at me

My soul overwhelmed by your beauty

You make my life perfect

So beautiful and so meaningful

After years


All I have to do

Looks in to your eyes again

And say happy birthday

And happy anniversary

Hence I found you in the

Same day of your birthday

You’re my women

I gift my eternal

Love for you

I will never apart

Happy birthday & happy anniversary


O.W.Palitha Ariyarathna
Copyright, O.W. Palitha Ariyarathna.2016/feb 26
All Rights Reserved By Author: 2016/ feb26

I am dedicating this poem to my twin soul ‘n’….

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You fight thousand battles

In the face of death

But you never die

No guns

No bullet

No enemy

Abel to harm you

You fly

You walk

Across the land

And sea

And fight to defence us

Defence our country

To safeguard our families

Fearless warrior

Prepare for battle

At any time

You never afraid

Your eyes was

In full of justice

Nasty enemy

Always in Fears

Even seen you in battle

In front line

In war

They knows

The enemies

You’re never defeat

They runaway

They hide

Seen your

Wings of power

It’s dark

It’s well preferred

You’re armed

And ready

And never surrender

You’re a hero


In the moment

Of instantly

Call upon


You leave us


Leaving only with us

Your bravery


Memories of you virtuous life

We say

Life is mystery


We all wait to see

Again of the

Light of a true warrior

Light of you

O.W.Palitha Ariyarathna
Copyright, O.W. Palitha Ariyarathna.7-feb-2016
All Rights Reserved By Author: 7-feb-2016


A salute to our hero

Death may have taken you away
But you live in our hearts forever
Hero never dies

Dear Brother likes friend,
Udara Jayasundara,

Can’t say enough good things
About you personality
You was a wonderful person
And had such a great sense
Of adventure and a strong patriotism
That was an inspiration to us all
Your family has suffered the greatest tragedy and
Our community and country
Have suffered a tremendous loss as well
Country salute for your all great service you done for protect us.
Triple gem bless you always, you may achieve Nirvana soon.

Your forever friend,
Palitha Ariyarathna

A hero is someone who is sacrifice her or his life to
Protect us from evil terrorist
While we, ordinary man and women enjoy
Civil life in safe and fantastic way without knowing
That our death by enemy is so near.
Heroes, they gave their tomorrow for our todays.
– Palitha Ariyarathna-

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